Synchronous Learning Exchanges

Synchronous Learning Exchanges

We’re excited to introduce the synchronous learning exchange, a new and highly interactive format for online learning and collaboration!

This format works when your association gets a critical mass of people online at the same time on a recurring basis, say every 2 weeks or every month.

Members create video chat breakout rooms on the topics that are relevant to them, and the group self-organizes into these breakout sessions.  Sessions are highly interactive, because members are seated at 4-person tables to give everyone a chance to participate.

Members can pop into different rooms and different tables to keep the experience fluid and dynamic.  The format is the best of both worlds; it ensures that topics are timely, and it requires very little staff preparation because members choose the topics.

We’ve been experimenting with this new format over the last few weeks with members of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation and we have an upcoming event with the Maryland Association of Counties.

To test out the video chatrooms, visit our demo and click on “Connect Live”.  Once you sign in, you can create video chatrooms with 4-person tables and jump between chatrooms and tables.  Try it with a colleague to get the full experience.

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