Collaborative Surveys

Collaborative Surveys

A collaborative survey on QiqoChat is a great fit for certain situations.

What is it?

A collaborative survey is half survey and half discussion.  Participants can see each other’s responses and build on each other’s ideas.

When would I use one?

Collaborative surveys are great ways to get an online conversation going.  Participants respond to a set of questions and can then respond to each other.  You would use a collaborative survey when you do want participants to brainstorm together.

What are the advantages?

With standard surveys, you have to sort all the responses and synthesize any differing opinions.  With collaborative surveys, participants will push the best ideas to the top and they will be able to explore any diverging opinion in a productive way, creating further insights for you.

How do I create one?

It’s simple.  Create a new QiqoChat conversation and add your survey questions as the conversation starters.  Then share the link and give participants about a week to respond to each other.

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