Community Calendar


A calendar that is visible to all members of your circle.  There is a list view (shown below) and a calendar view.

Calendar for a Circle on Qiqo
All events in a circle are visible on a calendar.

How Is It Different?

Unlike other calendaring software, all members of your circle can create an event by default.  The goal is to let participants take the initiative and convene in live events on the topics that excite them.  You can restrict this feature to you and your fellow admins if you prefer.

Every Monday morning, upcoming events for the next three weeks are sent out in the weekly email newsletter.  Members who RSVP will receive a notification three hours prior to the event.

Quick Start Guide

Once you have created a circle, click on the “Calendar” button on the left side of your circle.  At the top right of the calendar page, you will see a green “Add an Event” button.  When you add an event, it will show up in the calendar for your circle.

Optional Features

A Qiqo calendar is not limited to just Qiqo events.  You can encourage your members to post events which are relevant to your circle, even if they are in-person events or online events happening on another website.  The goal is to give you and your members a calendar that is easy to read and easy to edit.

If your group/community already has a Google Calendar, you can display it in your Qiqo circle.  Click the pencil icon near your circle’s name at the top to access the Edit Circle page.  Once you are there, open the green “Show/Hide Features & Tools” section and scroll down to the entry that says “Google Calendar ID.”

Tips & Tricks

Contact us to connect your QiqoChat calendar to a Google Calendar so that any of your members can add and update events on your Google Calendar.  This way members of your circle will be able to import the Google Calendar into the calendar they use on a daily basis and will then see Qiqo events on that calendar automatically.

If there are lists of events on public websites that you’d like us to integrate into your circle’s calendar, we can do that.  Please contact us to discuss pricing.

More Info

Here is the Qiqo User Guide.