Circles and Sub-Circles


Many people use Qiqo because they are either building an online community or creating an online space for an existing in-person community.

On Qiqo we call that group of people a circle, because everyone is invited to take the initiative and propose new questions, conversation topics, and live events.

example circle on Qiqo
An example circle on QiqoChat.

How Is It Different?

On webinar platforms people are just called viewers, but with QiqoChat, people are participants and given an open microphone by default during live events.  Most Qiqo events have 5-20 participants, a size that is ideal for engaging discussions.  As the admin, you can mute participants whenever necessary.

In addition to live events, your circle comes equipped with many other tools such as a calendar, newsletter, and a way to share blog posts and files.

Quick Start Guide (2-min)

Start a new circle here:

Enter a title for your circle and a 1-sentence description.  Adding a welcome message is optional.

Select a word or acronym that will be easy for your members to remember.  That goes in the “Custom link to your circle” section.  For example, if you choose “ABC” the link to your circle will be

If your circle will be a sub-circle of another circle, then select that parent circle.

Click “Create Circle” when ready!

You can change these settings at anytime in the future (just click “Edit” in your circle’s main menu).

Optional Features

When editing your circle, you can click “Optional Features” to see additional options:

Membership Fees and Sponsorship: You can make money from your circle by charging your members a membership fee.  You can also receive payments from sponsors (you coordinate payment with them) and then display their logos in your circle.

Member Access & Assistant Admins: You have two options for making your circle private.

Show/Hide Features & Tools: Help your community focus on what’s important by turning off any tools that you do not need.

Resources Added by Members: Specify categories your members can use to label their blog posts and files.

Custom Formatting: You can customize the design of your circle by adding a logo, header image, background image, and by changing the colors.

Tips & Tricks

For large groups, it’s very helpful to assign an assistant administrator.  See “Member Access & Assistant Admins” when you are editing your circle.

You can also connect your circle to best-in-class tools like Slack, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Groups, and Facebook.

More Info

Here is the Qiqo User Guide.