Articles & Uploaded Files


Members of your circle can create new blog posts and upload files.

Shared files on QiqoChat
Example of a document library on QiqoChat.

How Is It Different?

This kind of document library is not very different than what you might find on other social networking sites.  Our goal is to make it easy for your members to upload and share files.

We’ve added a few optional features (mentioned below) that can make your documents more collaborative.

Quick Start Guide

Once you have created a circle, click “Articles, Links, & Files” in the main menu at the top of the page.  Click the red “New Resource” button to create a new blog post or to upload a document.

Optional Features

Each document that you upload or blog post that you write can be enhanced with several collaborative features mentioned below.  This is particularly useful for projects that involve several members of your circle.

  • Add comments and the ability to mark comments as resolved so that you can quickly see which branches of the conversation are still open.
  • Add collaborative notes section where users can edit the draft text of a document.
  • Add a project task list to track who is assigned to which task and whether it is completed.

Tips & Tricks

Contact us if you’d like to integrate a Google Drive folder with your QiqoChat circle.  The advantage is that when your members search your QiqoChat circle, they will also see results from your folder on Google Drive.

More Info

Here is the Qiqo User Guide.