Qiqo How-To Articles & Videos

Qiqo stands for “Quality In, Quality Out” and we make that possible by adding light structure to each of the collaborative tools that we’ve built.  This structure makes it possible for group communication to stay organized, especially as your group grows and more people join your live audio/video events or written conversations.

QiqoChat is especially useful for

  • events where participants prefer to move themselves from breakout room to breakout room and
  • groups where you want to empower your members to take the initiative, learn from each other, and collaborate.


For Participants & Admins


For Event Admins

For Circle Admins

Key Tools, In-Depth

Fellow human, don’t worry about the long length of the list below.  There is no need to master them all.  When you set up your circle only the event calendar, member directory, and weekly newsletter are turned on. You can easily turn any of the others on/off.

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