Peer-to-Peer Weekly Newsletter


A newsletter goes out at 6:15am Eastern every Monday morning with a list of upcoming events for the next three weeks and a summary of the past week’s activity.  Members can opt-out.

Qiqo newsletter
An easy way for all members to share one link per week.

How Is It Different?

With most email newsletters, the Everyone can share one link per week.  The admin can edit/delete members’ announcements.

Quick Start Guide

Once you have created a circle, go to the menu at the top and click “Newsletter”.  Click the red button to add an announcement and paste in a link and fill out a short description.

Optional Features

When you fill out the form mentioned above, you can add an announcement for any of the next four newsletters, so that you don’t have to take this action each week.

Tips & Tricks

The newsletter tool is easy for members to understand. We recommend that it’s one of the first tools you turn on for your community, along with live events.

More Info

Here is the Qiqo User Guide.