QiqoChat Safety Guidelines

QiqoChat is a website that helps you find and share knowledge of the best things in your world with the people who are most important to you.

What are some ways to keep my personal information safe online?

As in any community, the QiqoChat community may pose certain risks.  QiqoChat has a number of safety features.  To protect your personal information, we recommend the following:

  • Use a nickname.  An alias can be used instead of your real name when you post information on QiqoChat.  An alias without any personally identifiable information is best.  For example, instead of “johnclark10028newyork”, try something like “biggie107”.
  • Don’t post personal information. QiqoChat is a public forum, so any personal information posted online could be used by strangers to identify and contact you.
  • Delete and Edit.  If you accidentally post something containing too much personal information, use the Delete or Edit features to remove content or edit your profile.
  • Report abuse to QiqoChat.  Contact us to report any abuse.

What if I’m under 13 years old?

To protect younger users from risks, children under 13 are not allowed to use QiqoChat or establish communication with other users of QiqoChat.

What if I’m seeking health, legal, or financial advice?

Qiqo is a starting point for further research.  When searching online for answers to critical questions (health, financial, legal, etc), be sure to gather information from many trustworthy websites.  The full disclaimer for QiqoChat is in the terms of service.