Facilitator Interview Series

Facilitator Interview Series

Online Open Space with Heidi Nobantu Saul

Innovations in Online Open Space with The Improbable Team

Preview of a 24-hour Open Space with April Jefferson

An International Conference with Dr. Michelle Bastian

Host an Interactive TEDx Online with Kennan Salinero

Building an Online Carnival or a Hallway for Fun Conversations — with Steve Holyer

National Professional Conference in Two Languages with Marc Steinlin

Creating an Online Unconference with Sabrina Apitz

Online Ideation Conference for Sustainable Development with Rolf Schneidereit

Online Open Space with François Knuchel and Karen Gimnig

The Landscape Architecture Foundation’s Annual Social Fundraiser

Online Hackathons with Mark Frischmuth of DemocracyLab

Opening Space Online to Create a Compassionate World Together with Arun Wakhlu, Malati Kalmadi, and Richard Schultz

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450 Participants in a QiqoChat

450 Participants in a QiqoChat

We were thrilled to support the Festival Der Taten in Germany, hosted by the creative agency 17Ziele with support from the German government.  450 participants collaborated in breakout rooms to address challenges in sustainable international development.

Here is the impressive video 17Ziele made to summarize what happened.  You don’t have to speak German to see that they had a lot of fun!

How It Starts

How It Starts

Here’s a charming yet provocative poem that I saw recently:

It always starts like this.
It always starts with someone like you.

And you’ve got your idea.
And you’re wondering what to do next.

This is the way it happens.


It speaks for itself, yet it speaks to each of us differently.  Working on Qiqo inspires us, because we’re in the business of helping people connect.  We sincerely hope that you are also able to do the work that you are passionate about.  If not, then today’s the best day to start!