Qiqo + Slack for Assocations

Qiqo + Slack for Assocations

Ok, so what’s the news?
We are opening a space on a tool called Slack for members of the association community.  If you haven’t received an invitation, please fill out this simple Google Form.

Why is this important?
Slack has the potential to be a very disruptive force for associations when they are setting up their own online communities, because Slack has a more live and friendly feel than virtually all community platforms.  Similar to the trends with Facebook and LinkedIn, we believe that if associations don’t stake out their ground on Slack, then their members will, so it’s best to be ahead of the curve.

Why are you doing this?
We didn’t build Slack, but we enjoy using it very much.  Because we have started integrating our community platform (Qiqo) into Slack, we are creating this space on Slack to learn–alongside each of you–to find the best fit for Slack in an association context.

How to use Slack?
Software developers leave this open all day since they do most of their remote team collaboration on it, but that may not be the best fit for associations. I think the healthy approach is to treat it like a water cooler. If you have a light day of work and you have some time to be social, it’s good to keep it open in the background (like being able to see the water cooler from your desk and dropping by when there’s something interesting happening).

What’s next?
In the days and weeks ahead, we will be kicking the tires.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please do reach out!