QiqoChat Written Conversations

QiqoChat Written Conversations

We believe that standard commenting tools make it hard to have conversations, so we are launching a new tool for written conversations in each Qiqo circle.

What’s special about this tool is that it makes it possible for a large group of people to go in-depth in many different directions at the same time.

By default, participants will be subscribed to all new responses to anything that they have written. They can turn these on/off from email and can even respond directly from email or on the Web. Other notification options such as “Subscribe to everything”, “Subscribe to this keyword”, “Subscribe to this branch/thread” make it easy for participants to choose how to be engaged without being overwhelmed.

Conversations will show up in your circle’s activity stream like this:

Click on the comment icon to see all the responses, sorted by most recent like this:

Each conversation includes a “map view” to display which ideas have the most responses and which conversation threads/branches go the deepest:

The large purple dot represents the beginning of the conversation.

Members of your circle can add new conversation topics to the “General Discussion / Uncategorized” conversation category right from the activity stream.

To create a new conversation category in your circle, click here!

We see how this can become critical communication infrastructure for each Qiqo circle. Please feel free to send your thoughts and feature requests to support@qiqochat.com. We’ll see you online!

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